Fencing Contractors in Auckland

Fencing contractors in Auckland provide protection for people or property. Although most fencing contractors work for an existing fence company, some may decide to create their own contracting business.

Fence New Zealand, an independently-owned Auckland company specializing in steel commercial and industrial fencing solutions, provides complete installation services as well as kits of fences in kitset form for customers to select their style preferences – including spiked top panels, security, and pool panels.

Fencing New Zealand

Fencing is a competitive sport utilizing bladed weapons to score points against an opponent. Fencing can be enjoyed by men, women, and children of all ages and abilities alike – men can fence with swords; women use knives; children are given swords. Fencing requires physical effort from all participants as it requires hand-eye coordination as well as flexibility, strength, and agility from its practitioners. There are various kinds of fencing such as sabre, foil, epee, and epee fencing which all provide stress relief while improving fitness while building strength in all participants involved – great way of relieving stress while improving health and fitness!

Fences can help manage external risks at school, such as runaways among learners who require learning support services. If you believe a student may run away, contact their Learning Support Practitioner, who will collaborate with Property delivery to conduct a serious risk analysis and recommend whether fencing should be installed as necessary.

Fencers specialize in the installation and maintenance of rural electric or nonelectric fencing for agricultural or rural purposes. This role requires them to have an in-depth knowledge of rural fencing techniques and construction materials as well as interpretation designs for livestock yards. In addition, they must collaborate with contractors and clients in meeting design specifications as part of their services, while creating their own contracting business or moving into management roles over time.

Auckland Gates

Auckland Gates has been providing both residential and commercial clients with high-quality gates for 16 years, custom designed in New Zealand with reliable automation. Offering steel, aluminium and cedar gates as well as custom designed fences – their team has extensive experience creating tailored solutions for each application they encounter.

Auckland Gates provides an impressive range of metal products, ranging from gates and fencing to privacy panels and pool fencing. Their custom-fabricated metal can be tailored specifically to any property style or size – making them the ideal one-stop service provider. In addition, Auckland Gates also provides installation and repair services.

Auckland Gates and Fencing, located in New Zealand, employs between zero to nine employees. Their website is hosted on Google Cloud CDN while Sentry handles security. With 6sense you can keep tabs on employee details at Auckland Gates and Fencing; keep tabs on who they are, what they do, as well as updated data every 30 days!


FENCEMATE DuraPost system combines steel strength and beauty of wood into durable fencing that’s quick and easy to install. Crafted from galvanised steel, DuraPost can be used with any type of timber fencing panels including feather boards, hit and miss panels, close boarded and European designs. Independent tests have proven it can withstand wind speeds up to 70mph; its lightweight design means installing with DuraPost requires half the man hours as installing using traditional concrete posts.

The Swift Clamp is an ideal support for attaching posts in the ground or hard surfaces such as concrete bases, timber decking or walls. With its flush sides allowing it to be fixed directly adjacent to vertical surfaces and its secure clamping system ensuring posts remain securely in their places, this clamp comes in Galvanised or Epoxy Brown finishes to fit all common timber posts.

Shed and Fence Mate is an easy-to-use solvent free shed and fence treatment, which offers an environmentally-safe alternative to creosote without its potential hazards. Its special formula penetrates deep into timber for long lasting water repellant protection; suitable for garden sheds, fences, trellis and gates made of rough sawn timber – plus safe around plants and animals! Additionally, its colour retention capabilities exceed standard creosote products by up to six times!


Durafence fencing is an attractive yet tough fence designed to complement the aesthetics of homes and commercial properties alike. Crafted from metal, Durafence fences can be powder-coated for an easy maintenance-free finish that matches any decor perfectly. Plus, with multiple colors to choose from, there’s sure to be one perfect for you!

Durafence has specialized in creating low maintenance fencing solutions since 2011, tailoring each solution specifically to individual homes and properties. Their PVC and WPC fencing designs look just like wood but do not rot, weather, or require painting – perfect for low-maintenance properties!

Durafence fencing systems are an ideal way for businesses to protect their assets and property from theft or damage, and to deter trespassers from coming close. Easy installation comes standard as does an investment warranty to safeguard your investment.