Best payout Online Casinos

Highest Paying Online Casinos

It is not an easy task to choose an online casino real money NZ games because of varying payout figures that exist. In many times, what helps people is the analysis of average payout percentage. The following are some of the highest paying casinos online.

Leo Vegas Best payout Online Casinos

This online casino has a highly regarded payout percentage of 96.50%. With numerous games on their site, players are assured of finding a suitable game which will provide huge returns to them.


Actually, the name of this online gambling site is an arm of the popular firm of PartyPoker website that prevailed online gambling. It has lots of games to pick from, thus making it be one of the best online casinos. When you log in, you encounter a friendly setting and with numerous amazing features. Its payout percentage rate is 96.5%, making it a reputable gambling site.

Casumo casino

In this fast evolving 21st century, all industries are adopting the gamification concept including online gambling sites. Casumo being one of the online casinos, they have adopted the idea and are currently implementing it. For them, their payout rate clicks 97%, making it be among the preferred online casinos.

Mr Green Best payout Online Casinos

This site speaks for itself because of the promising payout rate of 97.38%. Because of this rate, it was referred to the year’s Casino operator for three consecutive years (2013-2015), at the Gaming Intelligence Awards. Also, what makes to be preferred by many is the adequate marketing propaganda that results appealing to people.

Thrills casino

Though not very big as compared to other online casinos, it is one of the most generous gambling sites that offers appetizing awards to winning players. The payout rate is 97.5%, which definitely will attract all casino players just like the magnet does to iron.


Not only is the number one online casino, it is known to be among the pioneers. Actually, it has been operating for more than one and a half decades. It spread to Europe in 2006 when it was licensed to operate there. What makes it attract many players is the appealing features and the generous payout rate of 98%.